MANMADE – expo 2016 – Raversyde, Belgium

  • House of Bees, Cosco, MANMADE 2016 - Photo Erick Stuckman
  • House of Bees, COSCO, MANMADE 2016 Photo Tim Joye
  • Cosmic Connection, Maarten Vanden Eynde, MANMADE 2016
  • Post-Anthropocene_Simon_Faithfull_Dirk_Pauwels
  • Decorator Crab, Mark Dion, MANMADE 2016- photo Dirk Pauwels
  • Temple of Akéso, Brandon Ballengée - Photo Dirk Pauwels
  • Temple of Akéso, Brandon Ballengée, MANMADE 2016
  • Infrastructures of National History Tuur Van Balen
  • Infrastructures of National History, Tuur Van Balen
  • Récif Nord, Nicolas_Floc\
  • Récif Nord, Nicolas_Floc\
  • Récif Nord, Nicolas_Floc\
  • Rune Peitsersen, Pirates, Manmade 2016
  • Frans Gentils, Anthropogenetics, 2016 MANMADE, Photo Dirk Pauwels
  • Frans_Gentils_Anthropogenetics_Photo_Eric_Stuckman
  • Forgotten_space_Alan_Sekula
  • Forgotten_Space_Alan_Sekula
  • Mobile_Gull_Appreciation_Unit, Mark Dion, Raversyde 2016_Photo Tim Joye

For Raversyde ANNO 1465 (2016) I curated the expo  on the ‘Anthropocene’: the new geological epoch we are currently in and in which man plays a pivotal role. Although mankind is still very young in comparison with our planet’s long history, it has succeeded in having a major impact on the earth’s geological development.

The artists at MANMADE looked beyond mankind’s purely material heritage and raised philosophical and anthropological questions about the interaction between mankind and our planet. How does our current dominant human nature work? Where will our immense ecological footprint take us? Will our intellectual capabilities provide solace? Will we continue to evolve undisturbedly towards the “end of the (human) world” or will we survive the Anthropocene?

Artists:  Ackroyd & Harvey (UK), Ant Farm (US), Brandon Ballengée (US), Leo Copers (BE), Cosco (BE), Luc Deleu (BE), Wim Delvoye (BE), Mark Dion (US), Simon Faithfull (UK), Nicolas Floc’h (FR), Frans Gentils (BE), HeHe (DE, UK), Rune Peitersen (DK), Allan Sekula & Noël Burch (US), Tuur Van Balen & Revital Cohen (BE, IL) and Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE)

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