• Research: together, we can work on an artistic translation or concept for your organisation.
  • Art Consulting: Choosing the right works of art for your collection is a dedicated process. A work of art should be valued on its intrinsic qualities, rather than market value.  As we are living in a rapidly changing and complex world, with many  social and ecological ‘wicked’ issues we are facing challenging times.  Many artists are sensitive and critical of societal trends and do not operate from an ivory tower, standing far beyond reality. That’s why I advise to invest in artworks with strong social, political and ecological themes . Thanks to my comprehensive network I can offer anything from small scale consultancy to tailored proposals.
  • Multidisciplinary Curating: I prefer context specific curating, finding artists and specialists to put their efforts into a tailormade project. The societal importance of the project comes first. Every project is considered as an ‘artistic expedition’, involving the clients, scientists, social stakeholders and other organisations.
  • Art Direction for an art-integration in your publications: If you’re looking for an art integration on a small budget, I can help you to organise ‘a small exhibition on paper’.  This means we can – based on your theme – try to find the right art to complement your content with images, including a short introduction or appendix on the artworks  and short explanatory texts. (example)
  • Production management: working with foreign artists in local projects requires somebody pulling the strings in close collaboration with the artist.
  • Lectures: I have a couple of interests I can present in public presentations: Dark Sense – the art of deprivation (blind drawing, art and sensory deprivation) , Between Fear and Capital (lecture on Art & Genetics) , Art in the Anthropocene, Art & Ecology.

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