Reaktor21vzw is a non-profit organisation that specializes in cultural and sustainable development with a strong focus on anthropology and research. In the 21st century we entered the most challenging chapter in human history, coined by sientists as the ‘Anthropocene‘. Human pressure on Earth’s ecoystems forces us to find a way to sustain 9 billion people on this planet. Our linear social en economic models need to change drastically. Radical transformations require experimenting and cultural explorations.

Many artists, collectives, architects, designers and other creatives like to take risks and operate out of the atelier, gallery, museum or other institutional settings. Reaktor21 seeks collaboration with these creatives to work on social, cultural  and environmental challenge-based projects. Through these projects Reaktor21 wants to contribute to new models of thinking and imagining, with a historical sensitivity. Reaktor21 worships the creative heritage of the human spirit and depths and richness of the collective mind.

Reaktor21 wants to use ‘poëtic utility‘ to fuel the public realm,  encouraging the homo universalis to head out for sustainism and think out of the institutional boundaries of Art, Design and Architecture. R21 binds creativity and innovations by connecting adventurous minds in challenging projects.

House Of Bees -COSCO, MANMADE 2016, Raversyde.  Photo Tim Joye



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