MANMADE  (English) The history of the Anthropocene epoch still needs to be written, but can we already make an attempt to describe our current epoch? “Anthropocene” originates from the Greek words “Anthropos” (man) and “Ceno” (new); in other words, it’s the new epoch of mankind. Is it possible to use the helicopter view of history in your own time and to give a description of the Anthropocene: who, what, where, when, how, and most importantly: why? Why is everything the way it is, happens and evolves today? What else is in store for us and how do we think about this; what will people think of us in the future?
With contributions : Tim Joye (B), Johan Braeckman (BE), Ackroyd & Harvey (UK), Ant Farm (VS), Brandon Ballengée (US), Chris Burden, Leo Copers (BE), Cosco (BE), Luc Deleu (BE), Wim Delvoye (BE), Mark Dion (US), Simon Faithfull (UK), Nicolas Floc’h (FR), Frans Gentils (BE), HeHe (DE, UK), Rune Peitersen (DK), Allan Sekula & Noël Burch (VS), Tuur Van Balen & Revital Cohen (BE, IL), Peter Buggenhout (B), Yves Henoque (F), Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE), Dick F. Swaab (B) en Michael Sailstorfer (D).

DARKROOM  (dutch)

A small journal with the testimonies of 12 artists, who entered a bunker and drew in a state of voluntary blindness. (see darkroom trilogy)



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