About me

I have 15 years of experience in environmental communication and have a background in audiovisual arts and sculpture.
In 2008, I started to organise multidisciplinary exibitions that emphasized on environmental themes. From 2012 on the focus moved to visual and audiovisual arts and artistic research on neurology, ecology and anthropology.

I’ve coined the idea of an artistic expedition to challenge artists to work outside of their comfort zone.  This challenge-based approach stimulates to take risks and walk the path of innovation.

I like to work in unconventional settings, such as factories, bunkers, old warehouses, small spaces or museums not compatible with the white walls  fetish of the classical artworld. This pushes curating out of the classical institutional context.

But, without any doubt, the best motivation for me is the creative teamwork and sharing of ideas with diverse and interesting people from all walks of life, adding ‘neurodiversity’ to my mind.

  • Manmade_guided_tour_by_TimJoye_Photo_Erick_Stuckman
  • Manmade_production_Benoît_Strubbe_Photo_Erick_Stuckman
  • Manmade_production_Photo_Erick_Stuckman
  • Manmade_Artist_Talk_Frans_Gentils
  • Manmade_production_Photo_Erick_Stuckman
  • Manmade_Production_Nicolas_Floc\
  • Manmade_vernissage_Photo_Erick_Stuckman
  • Reef_Prototype_construction_Ugent_Photo_Piet_Machtelinckx
  • Manmade_production_Photo_Nicolas_Floc\
  • Manmade_production_Nicolas_Floc\
  • Manmade_Production_Maarten_Vanden_Eynde_Photo_Erick_Stuckman







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