Bees and biodiversity

Bee crisis

Bee colonies are in massive decline in Europa, America’s and all over the world. Beekeepers in the US and Europe have been reporting 30% or higher ‘hive’ losses than what is considered normal. The colony collapses could endanger the world food Supply.

One of three bites of food you eat depends on pollinators, especially bees.
100 of most important food crops in the world depend on insect pollinators.
The bees are vital for the diversity of our crops and food safety ‘If the Bee Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth, Man Would Only Have Four Years Left To Live’ (Albert Einstein)


The cause

The Green agricultural revolution that started in 1930 and produced our food wealth supported a doubling world population in the last four decades. Unfortunately his agricultural miracle proved to be less cheerfull and brightgreen in the end. The extensive use of chemicals and technology start to take their toll today. The degradation of soil and crop biodiversity, contamination of groundwater, oxygen depletion, energy use, release of greenhouse gasses, euthropication of streams, rivers and coastal marine services, demand new practices that provide sustainable yields without destroying earths ecosystems and our precious pollinators.

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