Beesphere: Nomadic art for bees and unused spaces.

 ‘Beesphere’, is a multidiciplinary creative project that works on the pollinator crisis and biodiversity. Beesphere deploys beefriendly design, art and architecture on vacant lots in the city. These ‘waiting spaces’ offer space and time for experiments before the building permit is obtained. Beesphere wants to use this unused spaces to experiment with bees and local communities, and develop new ecologies for urban environments with artists, gardeners, scientists, etc. The first social sculpture, the Beepod has a removable textile shell filled with fertile soil and an irrigation system mounted on a frame, allowing bee friendly vegetation to grow in time. If the Beepod has to leave, we only have to take the ‘coat’ off and move its skeleton to a new location, together with its 50 000 royal residents.


Historical Bee, po√ętic Bee

Beesphere is fascinated by the important and sacred position of the bees in old civilisations. Beesphere wants to put the vital role of bees, solitary bees and insects for food security in future human civilisation upfront. Beesphere puts the bee back in a central social position. Beesphere is not antropocentric, where bees are domesticated for production, but beecentric, in for modern cities that urgently need to rewild.



Hive Mentality

The network embraces ‘hive mentality’ , a metaphor for a new social model, decentralised, wild and liberated, empowered by a collective consiousness. Beesphere wants to aply a ‘science of freedom’, repulsing monoculture in our biotope and our minds.


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